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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few FAQs on our different product categories:


Video Surveillance

Why would I consider infrared cameras?

OSS has numerous infrared technology products to offer customers cost effective alternatives to major lighting upgrades in order to achieve a great surveillance recording of low-lit areas.


What size of system can OSS handle?

Our video recording technologies are designed to accommodate the needs of systems with as few or as many cameras as the customer desires. Our systems are completely expandable and can grow with our customer’s requirements.


Does OSS offer other video surveillance products besides the cameras and recorders?

In addition to our elite video recorder and camera products, OSS offers all other supporting equipment including power supplies, transceiver hubs, uninterrupted power supplies, lenses, cable, etc.


Does OSS offer cameras and if so, what types?

To complement our elite video recording line of products, OSS also has a comprehensive selection of cameras and related accessories. Whether you are looking for industry- leading analog, digital, or IP camera technology, OSS is the destination of choice. We have fixed, pan/tilt/zoom, infrared, and even hidden cameras that provide pristine images to feed to our recording devices. We have a wide range of camera types and prices so that we can satisfy a myriad of customer requirements.


Can I view cameras (even analog ones) that are connected to different DVRs simultaneously or do I have to connect and reconnect to one DVR at a time like most systems?

One impressive capability our customers enjoy is the ability to simultaneously view and playback the cameras they choose that are connected to any DVR for which they have access authority. In this and other ways, even our analog systems provide the capabilities of an IP solution.


What kind of IP cameras does OSS offer?

OSS offers fixed megapixel, infrared, and pan/tilt/zoom IP cameras. In addition, OSS has the capability to convert any analog camera to an IP camera.


Does OSS offer network video recorders (NVRs), IP cameras, or hybrid DVRs?

OSS offers several quality levels of hybrid DVRs. These recorders store and analyze video from both analog and IP cameras in the same unit. We also offer NVRs and IP camera solutions ranging from fixed megapixel to infrared to pan/tilt/zoom IP cameras.


Does OSS have any mobile DVR solutions?

Our mobile DVRs have been installed in many moving platforms to include buses, trains, emergency response vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, etc. We offer PC-based and embedded mobile solutions and have the ability to wirelessly upload the recorded video to stationary servers automatically when the vehicles return from their travels.


Does OSS offer embedded DVRs?

OSS offers 4 qualities of non-PC based (embedded) DVRs.


How many qualities of PC-based DVRs does OSS offer?

Our video recording products include 5 qualities of PC-based digital video recorders (DVRs).


What performance differences does H.264SVC compression technology provide?

This advanced technology efficiently compresses video files to provide clearer recorded images than that provided by our competitors. The efficiencies of our technology result in faster retrieval times and significant savings since less hard drive space and bandwidth is required with our systems.

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Intrusion Detection Systems

What are the most common intrusion detector sensor technologies used in the commercial marketplace?

Dry contacts, balanced magnetic switches, infrared, microwave, and Doppler.


What are some of the less commonly used intrusion detection sensor technologies in the commercial marketplace?

Ultrasonic, fiber transducers, seismic, sonar, and vibration.


Does Orion Security Solutions support multiple types of intrusion detection system panels?



Does Orion Security Solutions offer turnkey intrusion detection system installations?



Does Orion Security Solutions offer maintenance solutions for intrusion detection systems?



Does Orion Security Solutions offer 24/7 technical support for intrusion detection systems?



Are intrusion detection systems considered alarm systems?



Does Orion Security Solutions offer 24/7/365 alarm monitoring services?



Is Orion Security Solutions monitoring station UL listed?



Does Orion Security Solutions offer wireless intrusion detection systems?



What types of intrusion detection systems can Orion Security Solutions panels use?

Orion Security Solutions is able to use all types of intrusion detection sensors and integrate them into our solutions.


What are the commonly used kinds of intrusion detection sensors?

Door contacts, motion detectors, glass break detectors, perimeter beam sets, and panic buttons.

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Access Control Systems

Does Orion Security Solutions offer ladder logic-based access control systems?



What type of lock hardware does Orion Security Solutions support?

Orion Security Solutions can install, support, and maintain any lock hardware including magnetic locks, electric strikes, and any other type of lock that can connect to an access control panel.


How does Orion Security Solutions solve the issue of tailgating or piggybacking?

One of the best solutions to eliminate these issues is installing turnstiles at strategic locations and then properly securing the rest of the facility so that every individual requesting access to the controlled space is forced to present their credentials prior to entering.


Does Orion Security Solutions offer IP-based access control systems?



What types of access control systems does Orion Security Solutions install, support, and maintain?

Orion Security Solutions provides turnkey installation and maintenance services for various access control systems including S2, DSX, OSSI (formerly Vuance), Hirsch, Keyscan, and others.


What types of authentication technology does Orion Security Solutions incorporate in their designs?

Orion Security Solutions can integrate various authentication technologies in their solutions including proximity readers (for cards, fobs, or other proximity devices), code entry, biometric sensors (fingerprint, iris scanner, retina scanner, palm reader, etc.), and any other type of authentication device (voice print, weight, etc.).


Does Orion Security Solutions have access control solutions that are integrated with the video surveillance system?



What are some of the main advantages to installing an access control system?

Many benefits exist, but accountability, access history, report generation, remote control of facility, automated schedules to create access rules for holiday, weekends, and after hours, independent control programming per door, real time user management for adding, deleting, or modifying user permissions, and many others.


Do the access control systems offered by Orion Security Solutions maintain event logs?

Yes, every event is logged into the historical database and can be referenced at any time by an authorized user.


What is tailgating or piggybacking?

When an authorized user presents their credentials and legitimately enters an access control corridor while another individual enters behind them without presenting authentication credentials.

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